In May, Landsec will undertake trials using an on-site legionella test from Spartan Bioscience.

Spartan’s test reportedly provides highly accurate qPCR Legionella results in 45 minutes, enabling operators to take corrective action within hours instead of weeks. This test, if approved, could replace the need to send samples to laboratories and ensure enhanced levels of water safety.

Spartan’s Legionella test is currently used by real estate companies, data facilities, and healthcare organizations in North America. In addition, it is validated according to ISO/Technical Standard 12869:2012. Landsec is the first company to trial Spartan’s technology in the UK.

The traditional legionella testing method, bacterial culture, takes 10-14 days to provide results. However, this turnaround time can be too slow, because legionella can grow to outbreak levels in as few as seven days.

“Landsec is always looking for innovative solutions that can make our buildings and their occupants safer,” said Tim Peacock, Innovation Director at Landsec. “We look forward to working with Spartan to bring this technology to the UK and investigating methods to further reduce the risk of Legionnaires’ outbreaks in our buildings.”