Kaldewei has completed its popular Cayono product family with new high-quality washbasins, including a trend-setting washbowl, countertop and under counter solution.

The company says the coordinated design of the bathtub, shower surface, and washbasin brings effective harmony to the bathroom.

With the completion of the Cayono model family, Kaldewei now offers a complete solution for the private sector as well as offices, commercial residential construction and hotels; the under counter washbasin with a mirrored overflow is suitable for use in hotel bathrooms. Cayono is said to be an economical design solution for every bathroom and for anyone looking to combine quality, price, and aesthetics in the bathroom.

Developed for the layout and design of modern bathrooms, the new models stand out with their fine lines and softly curved contours, combining aesthetics with intelligent functionality.

The interior depth of the individual washbasins creates a comfortable spaciousness experience for every user, Kaldewei says. When combined with the Cayono Duo bathtub with central waste, the floor-level Cayonoplan shower surface the new spacious Cayono washbasin ensures a "perfect match".

Everything is made from sustainable Kaldewei steel enamel, particularly easy to care for and 100% recyclable.