Baxi Heating has announced a proposal to move its Packaged Plant Solutions business from Milton Keynes to a larger manufacturing site in Lancashire, which would result in a number of job losses at the Milton Keynes site.

As the company's heating products are warehoused in Preston, it asserts that the move would significantly reduce transportation and therefore the company's carbon footprint by manufacturing packaged plant rooms and skids of heating equipment at the same site.

This proposal, if implemented following consultation, will result in a number of job losses and the closure of the Milton Keynes site, though a number of job roles would be 'redeployed' at the Lancashire site. Baxi has said that "this reorganisation will consolidate and focus its manufacturing, operational expertise, assembly, and distribution footprint as a single site Centre of Excellence".

The company also believes that "by consolidating our manufacturing activities onto one site, we can be better placed to meet the many challenges and opportunities that changes to the UK heating market presents as we move towards a zero carbon future".