Intergas' Rapid boiler is currently the only condensing boiler in the UK featuring a flue compliant with the Building Regulations (Amendment) 2018, the company claims.

As HVP reported last month, the majority of boilers on the market are not compliant with the updated Building Regulations because their flues contain combustible material. The new regulations effectively ban the use of combustible materials on the external walls of new buildings over 18m tall.

Intergas says the Rapid is currently the only UK condensing boiler with a metal flue system, and therefore complies with the Building Regulations (Amendment) 2018. The material compounds of galvanised powder coated steel and high grade aluminium, used in the manufacture of the Rapid flue, have been tested to prEN 1856-1 and are therefore classified as A1 in accordance with EN 13501-1 A1.

The Intergas Rapid condensing combi is available in two outputs: 25kW and 32kW.

John Lawton, Technical Product Manager, Intergas Boilers, said: “We have been in discussion with the HHIC and the Building Research Establishment over the past few months to try to establish how we can best support the industry, installers and residents.

"If we are to uphold the findings in Dame Judith Hackitt’s Independent Review of Building Regulations and Fire Safety: final report, then we may have to face a future where plastic flues must be replaced by metal in all high rise buildings.”