An installer has donated an OSO Hotwater cylinder he won in a competition to the Heroes of Heat campaign.

Darren Bairstow of LMB Mechanical Services scooped the top prize of an Delta Coil DC cylinder from OSO Hotwater in June, and took the decision to donate it to Heroes of Heat.

Heroes of Heat aims to reduce the impact of fuel poverty and is manned nationwide by volunteers from across the heating industry, carrying out projects in their own time.

Darren commented: “I decided to donate the prize to Heroes of Heat as they do such a fantastic job. With all the time and product they give as part of their installs, I think it is important that people should try and give back when they can. I look forward to seeing where this Delta ends up.”

Jonathon Hallam of Heroes of Heat, said: “Our project relies on the support of the industry, and we are extremely grateful to receive the hot water cylinder from Darren. We know it will make a real difference to someone once it is installed.”

Stuart Elsy, Managing Director of OSO Hotwater, added: “This is a wonderful gesture by Darren and we are thrilled to see the cylinder going to such a worthy cause. It will be great to see the project get underway in the near future.”

Heroes of Heat is awaiting a suitable project to receive the cylinder and will announce this as soon as it is available.