The deadline for the mandatory use of Building Information Modelling (BIM) Level 2 for all centrally procured projects is nearly upon us.

With the government’s impending deadline for the use of BIM Level 2 for all centrally procured projects just a matter of months away, the first quarter of 2016 is going to be a particularly busy time for the construction industry. Research released towards the end of last year has highlighted that a large contingent of contractors are not yet ready for BIM Level 2, which paints a worrying picture given the time that is left.

Some contractors may be under the impression that they will be able to buy some time after the April deadline to finish their preparations. However, with the government’s plans to get Britain building announced in October last year, and reports that the construction sector is strengthening, contractors should remember that while the number of centrally procured projects will continue to rise, being fully prepared and able to implement BIM Level 2 will soon become an essential competitive edge to building a relevant portfolio and winning more work in the future.

Chris Meir, sales director at Andrews Water Heaters said: “In the rush to get up to speed, it’s important for firms to take a planned approach if they are to protect themselves from costly mistakes and falling foul of the deadline. For instance, it needs to be remembered that BIM is both a new technology and a new way of working, and that contractors must adapt by investing in training while managing cultural change within their organisations – something that smaller consultants may struggle to accommodate without careful planning.”

There is still time for contractors to achieve BIM Level 2 by 4 April, however given the huge number of building firms not yet ready, the onus is also on manufacturers to engage with and support clients in making changes that will benefit their businesses in the long term.