HVP was in attendance to see the launch of Ideal Standard’s Tonic II range at London’s iconic OXO Tower on Wednesday 02 June.

The collection created by German design studio, ARTEFAKT, comprises ceramics, fittings, furniture and bathtubs.

Technology is prominent throughout the collection, and includes integrated ambient lighting, water saving features and hidden overflows.

All basin and bath fittings have a temperature limiter to ensure safety, along with an adjustable cascade aerator to ensure a water efficient flow of five litres/min.

Basin storage units feature a Space Idealflow siphon, combining a space saving siphon with a hidden overflow.

Often almost an entire drawer or shelving space can be lost or disrupted by a waste system. The space-saving siphon contours away from the middle of the basin unit, so there is no interference with the internal drawer. This provides up to an extra 20% worth of storage space, and a hidden overflow removes the need for an overflow hole in the basin.

Tonic II encompasses a range of taps, mixers and thermostats.

Single-ended, double-ended, D Shape and freestanding baths are each featured in the collection.

A choice of five furniture finishes are offered across the range, including gloss white, light grey or light brown. A wood effect finish is available in grey and brown wood.

Internal dividers, storage boxes and an internal light with motion sensor are included within the vanity drawer unit as standard. Furniture can be paired with contrasting metal handles and come in matt brown, gloss white or chrome-plated.

The event also saw the launch of Ideal Standard’s new AquaBlade flush technology, which uses two powerful plumes to power the wash and a ‘microslot’ system of channels to release a cascade of water from the top of the toilet bowl opening.

The company says that unlike existing flushing systems where water does not cover the entire toilet bowl, AquaBlade technology gives optimum water flow from the top of the bowl on every flush, and covers every inch of the ceramic. Interior surfaces are also streamlined to give a quieter flush.

Thanks to the lack of an overhanging rim, all surfaces are exposed, which makes cleaning easier. The streamlined design also aims to reduce splashing during the flushing process and therefore release fewer bacteria particles.

Keith Boad, the company's managing director, said: “We refuse to accept that a high-performing flush system can’t look beautiful, and our brand new AquaBlade flushing technology not only offers best-class performance but outstanding aesthetics.

“At Ideal Standard we believe bathrooms should be beautiful living places, not just functional spaces,” Mr Boad said.

Aquablade technology is available across close-coupled, wall-hung or back-to-wall toilets.