The Mira Honesty ERD mixer shower is a great option for any contemporary bathroom, with a host of unique features, including Magni-Flo to deliver three times more flow, even at low pressure. Follow our latest step-by-step guide to get the most out of your installation.

1. Start by isolating the water supplies.
2. Decide on a suitable position for the shower unit and fittings and determine the direction and route of the water supply pipes. 
3. Once the supply pipes are installed, slide the plastic pipe guide over the pipes and level using a spirit level.
4. Secure the pipe guide to the wall with tape to hold in position. Leave the guide in place and finish the wall.
5. Ensure that the recessed supply pipes protrude 25mm from the finished wall surface and be square to the wall.
6. Slide the wall brackets over the supply pipes, hold in position, and mark the position of the fixing holes. 
7. Drill the holes, install the wall plugs and fix the brackets to the wall using the screws supplied

8. Slide the olives over the pipes and install the connectors finger tight, then another quarter to half turn.
9. Turn on the water supply and flush the pipework.
10. Screw on the concealing plates, and assemble the bar valve, ensuring you install the manufacturer’s supplied sealing washers in each inlet and attach to the wall
11. brackets using a suitable spanner, avoiding damage to the chrome finish. 
12. Take the middle bar and slide on the hose retaining ring and clamp bracket, then screw all three of the bars together.
13. Fit the wall bracket into the riser arm and loosely secure with the grub screw at the top.
14. Push the lower bar fully into the top of the shower valve and ensure that the bar is fully engaged with the seal, preventing incorrect positioning of the wall bracket.
15. Hold the riser bar assembly against the wall, checking it is vertical with a spirit level, and use the wall bracket as a template to mark the fixing hole positions.
16. Remove the assembled bar and fixing bracket. 

17. Drill holes for the wall fixing bracket, fit the wall plugs, and loosely screw the bracket to the wall.
18. Refit the bar into the shower valve and loosely fit the wall bracket concealing cover to the riser arm. 
19. Ensure the lower bar is correctly fitted into the shower valve, fully tighten the wall bracket to the wall, and secure the riser arm with the grub screw using the hex key.
20. Tighten the grub screw at the rear of the shower valve to secure the riser bar and fit the plug.
21. Finally, install the overhead deluge, slide the hose through the hose retaining ring, and connect to both the shower valve and handset.
22. The Mira Honesty ERD mixer shower is now ready to use.