The new low odour, neutral cure version of the Silfix favourite offers a user-friendly sealant that is perfect for use in confined spaces without compromising on performance, appearance, or gunability.

Silfix U7N from Hodgson Sealants offers excellent adhesion to most non-porous surfaces, making it suited to sealing around baths, sinks, urinals, and ceramic tile joints to give a water-resistant, hygienic seal. It is also suited for application to various surfaces including PVCu, coated timber, brickwork, concrete, GRP, stainless/galvanised steel, aluminium, and lead, as well as on natural porous surface, making it an all-round sealant for modular and pod building, particularly sealing dissimilar surfaces. Resistant to ozone, ultra-violet radiation, and temperature extremes, Silfix U7N will keep its original good looks for years after application, the company says.

Not only does Silfix U7N’s quality ingredients and specialist formulation ensure a tough, watertight seal, its proven fungicide resists mould and mildew growth. It conforms to EN15651-1: F-EXT-INT-CC and EN15651-3:S.

Silfix U7N has a fast cure and tack-free time and remains permanently flexible with a movement capability of ±25 with lasting performance and low shrinkage. Silfix U7N is available in translucent and white in 310ml cartridges.