HiKOKI Power Tools UK made an addition to its cordless power tool range in the DH18DPA Rotary Hammer Drill.

Measuring just 231mm from the top of the head to the user’s hand, for anyone needing to drill into masonry, concrete, or stone, the DH18DPA Rotary Hammer Drill is the tool to reach for, the company says.

The DH18DPA is 35% smaller than the corded HiKOKI DH18DBL and lightweight at just 2.3kg, but its power is “ultra-strong”. You can expect precise control and high-quality drilling time after time as it has an optimised centre of gravity with most of the weight close to the hands, according to the company.

It has an auto stop function, so you can drill multiple matching holes in next to no time – the tool records the drill time of each hole, then automatically stops when that time is reached. It’s a time-saving tool too – reduce the rotation speed and impact rate for boring into fragile material, but if you’ve got a need for speed the DH18DPA can drill 23% faster than a conventional corded model, HiKOKI says.

The DH18DPA also comes with a Reaction Force Control (RFC) system which prevents operator injury – when the tool is overburdened the built-in controller stops the motor before the tool jerks. An anti-vibration handle also reduces the amount of vibration transferred to the hands, lessening the chances of big problems like bone damage.