The installation of an Intergas Eco RF 30 has slashed fuel costs for a homeowner in Hertfordshire.

Ann Harris lives in a 100-year-old gatekeeper’s cottage in Hertfordshire. The property has no hard wall insulation, so the combination of a hard to heat home and LPG prices that keep rising meant that Ann was always paying above the odds to try and stay warm. When her LPG boiler began to fail, she contacted heating engineer, Vic Iananntuono, Managing Director of Vic’s Plumbing & Heating, to upgrade her boiler. She was happy with the brand and wasn’t really interested in changing.

Vic could have installed a newer version of the existing LPG boiler, but as keeping the fuel bills down was important to Ann, he felt obliged to recommend an entirely different brand. And with good reason, as Vic has in-depth experience of working with LPG boilers. His company has been providing plumbing and heating services to customers in Hertfordshire for over 30 years and, importantly, to park homes and rural domestic homes, where there is no mains gas and people are reliant on LPG.

“I told Ann that an Intergas boiler would be the best option because it’s condensing almost all of the time and I could guarantee her bills would go down. I really rate the design, especially its back-to-back heat exchanger which is unbelievably reliable, and it comes packed with so many other features, my customers are never disappointed,” he said.

Vic installed an Intergas Eco RF 30 in the property. He paired the boiler with a wireless room thermostat using its RF module. He also fitted an in-line scale filter and a central heating filter which complies with the latest standard BS 7593:2019, although Vic says he always fits a filter with every new boiler installation.

When Vic arrived to carry out the annual service last November, Ann had some good news for him. She’d realised fairly early on that the boiler was far more energy efficient than its predecessor but, after a year with the Eco RF, Ann had ordered one less tank of LPG, equating to a saving of around £800. 

Ann’s sister, who has special needs, is going to be moving into the cottage soon and Ann will become her carer. A new bathroom is being installed as her sister can only use a shower and, with more demand on hot water in the household, Ann’s even more delighted that she made the decision to go with Vic’s recommendation and use the Intergas Eco RF 30.

Remote monitoring made simple

The RF module in the Intergas Eco RF 30 boiler gives a heating engineer the facility to access the boiler’s operation remotely. First, the customer needs to buy the LAN Gateway and the heating engineer can then install the specially developed Service Dashboard onto their tablet, laptop, or PC. The Service Dashboard provides a detailed view of boiler performance in real time, and the facility  to change parameter settings remotely where appropriate. There’s a free app too, so that heating engineers can keep track of the boiler while on the go. 

“I could charge for this monitoring service, but I don’t as it’s very good for business,” said Vic. “For example, I received a low pressure alert on one of the boilers, contacted my customer and told him how to raise it. It’s a great way to build and cement relationships and it’s really good PR for my company.”