Hansgrohe reports that it has become the first tap and shower specialist to work with veterinarians, psychologists, dog groomers, and pet owners to develop a handheld shower specifically designed for man's best friend: the hansgrohe DogShower.

Created with three spray modes and silicone nozzles, the shower head is a revolution in dog showering, according to the company, ensuring healthy and well-groomed fur without the stress. 

After a long walk, the long stroking nozzles enable water to reach dirt in even the most awkward of areas - including deep down into the undercoat. The dog is gently stroked clean by the shower head, which can be moved easily around its body. Shampoo residues in the fur are also reliably removed to prevent skin irritations. 

The DogShower is available in four different finishes: pink, black, white, and blue. All colors are matt and non-reflective to prevent dogs from seeing and startling itself while showering. 

The hansgrohe DogShower features a select button on the handle, which can be used to effortlessly change between three different spray types:

  1. For gentle cleaning of the paws or other sensitive areas, the spray resulting from the upper end of the shower is suitable
  2. Against legs covered in soil, the soft waterspray from the front stroking nozzles helps
  3. For the care of the entire body, the full fur spray mode is recommended. Here, water from over 70 soft silicone nozzles penetrates deeply into the undercoat of the dog and removes dirt and shampoo completely.

Thanks to its ergonomic shape, the DogShower feels particularly comfortable to hold, the company says, and is designed for one-handed operation. The shower head easily screws onto any standard shower hose and, for an even faster change of shower heads, it is also possible to install a click connector, which is included with the product.

"The goal of all hansgrohe innovations is to find individual solutions for everyday problems in the context of our element: water. With the hansgrohe DogShower, we are pleased to offer a high quality product supporting dog parents and making the shower a pleasant experience for dogs, water-loving or not," said Manuela Uhl, Product Manager Showers, Hansgrohe SE.

The integrated water brake, which is activated when the shower handle is released for a short time, directly reduces the amount and pressure of the water. This prevents dog owners from suddenly getting wet during the shower.

The hansgrohe DogShower will be available to buy in the UK from October 2021.