‘When something clearly doesn’t work – fix it’ says the Hot Water Association (HWA) following announcement that the Green Deal Home Improvement Fund (GDHIF) will reopen for applications on 16 March.

“Hot water cylinders are still not included in GDHIF, another missed opportunity for the government to help the UK become renewable ready,” said Isaac Occhipinti of HWA.

“Being ‘renewable ready’ means having a hot water cylinder as currently hot water storage is the only practical solution of turning the energy produced by renewable technologies into something useful and banking it for when it is needed.

“With the General Election looming, adding hot water cylinders to GDHIF would have not only helped energy efficiency and cost but would  demonstrate the governments green credentials – delivering on an issue they keep talking about.”

Under the GDHIF homeowners are eligible to receive a grant of £1,250 to install two combined energy efficiency measures, £500 for those who do it within a year of moving into a property and up to £3750 for more specific measures like solid wall installation.