In our latest puzzle page competition, Monument Tools is giving away 10 ‘Best of British’ sets to lucky HVP readers.

Monument takes pride in manufacturing in Britain, and the majority of products the company produces and sells are #MadeInBritain.

The following products, all made in Britain, form the Best of British sets that readers have the chance to win with this month’s puzzle page.

First up is the Monument 2644Q 6-28mm Plastic Pipe Cutter. Made from glass filled nylon, featuring a ground blade, this product is great for cutting the majority of PVC, overflow, and multi-layered plastic pipes up to 28mm diameter. 

Monument has manufactured socket formers and expanding and rerounding tools since the dawn of copper pipe. The Monument 138R 15mm & 22mm Combination Socket Former is a combination 15mm and 22mm – perfect for making fittings in copper pipe without buying fittings.

Also included is the Monument Omat 10in. Monument has a range of patented wrap around soldering and brazing pads. Versions include 6in, 10in, and 12in square – as well as a higher temperature version for use with MAPP gas. Originally developed by a kitchen fitter, these products show how Monument brings products to market designed by the trade.

Finally, the Monument Olive Puller for 15mm and 22mm compression fittings makes the job of removing an olive simple and effective. A recent addition to the tool includes a power tool attachment, making the tool even faster and easier to use. New 28mm and 35mm versions have also been developed recently.

For your chance to win, you must solve the crossword featured in the HVP March issue, or download a PDF of the puzzle page here, and rearrange the letters in the shaded squares to spell out a random word.

Head to our competition entry form here to read the full terms and conditions and send in your answer to be in with a chance to win one of 10 ‘Best of British’ sets.

Closing dates, and solutions for past puzzle pages can be found here.