For the latest puzzle page, Monument Tools is giving away five Sink & Tap Back Nut Kits and Radiator Kits with Grip+ technology.

Monument has designed a range of Monument Grip+ tools to fit the head of the original adjustable basin wrench. The adjustable basin wrench was developed in the 1950s for the difficult job of getting at nuts underneath basins. What is now the Professional Adjustable Basin Wrench (345V) with three sizes of jaw is considered to be the best tool for the job due to its small head size.

It seemed logical, therefore, that there could be lots of other jobs that could be done by attaching different tools using the same head. So, the Monument design engineers looked at all sorts of tasks and have come up with numerous attachments forming the Monument Grip+ range; these all fit on to the existing head of the Professional Adjustable Basin Wrench.

The Sink and Tap Back Nut Kit includes 8-13mm monobloc and 27x32mm box spanners for most kitchen and bathroom taps. Also included is the Shorty Handle Basin Wrench and the Grip+ fittings, which connect the head of the Basin Wrench to the box spanners. This allows for extended reach, access, and leverage. The kit also contains a three prong tool for holding a sink rose/strainer while fitting the waste nut with a 50mm box spanner.

The Radiator Kit contains the Shorty Handle Basin Wrench and a number of tools for radiators. These include Grip+ tools for drain cocks, radiator valves, and bleed valves, radiator balancing tools, as well as a TRV tail driver.

For your chance to win, you must solve the crossword featured in the HVP April issue, or download a PDF of the puzzle page here, and rearrange the letters in the shaded squares to spell out a random word.

Head to our competition entry form here to read the full terms and conditions and send in your answer to be in with a chance to win one of five Sink & Tap Back Nut Kits and Radiator Kits with Grip+ technology.

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