The Heating & Hotwater Industry Council (HHIC) has launched a new guide to buying a gas fire

"A gas fire is a safe, efficient and economical method for heating your home, particularly when used as a single source of heat," said Roger Webb, director of the HHIC.

"On a chilly day it is not always necessary to turn on the central heating - a gas fire will heat up a room quickly and inexpensively. A gas fire provides instant heat at the flick of a switch. If a safety cut out is supplied as standard, carbon monoxide is never a concern.

"We are launching this guide to help people understand the many benefits of a gas fire and to showcase the inspiring designs available. It is often very difficult to visually tell the difference between a gas fire and solid fuel fire. There is a gas fire to suit old or new properties, all tastes and budgets, we want to help people make the right choice when creating the very heart of their home."

The Guide, called 'Why choose gas for your fires and stoves' has been developed in conjunction with the country's leading gas fire manufacturers and is available to download by clicking here.