HETAS (Heating Equipment Testing and Approvals Scheme) is encouraging its registered installers to report non-compliant work.

The organisation has a whistleblowing procedure for reporting issues on an anonymous basis which it is urging its members to make use of.

A whistleblowing helpline is run by HETAS from their head office in Tewkesbury by registration manager Jo Courtney-Wiggins. Used to ensure consumer safety and prevent bad installations, the organisation says the whistleblowing helpline is a great resource for those seeking both action and solutions.

Bruce Allen, Chief Executive of HETAS, says: “Enforcement against rogue traders and those pretending to be HETAS registered has become more common in recent years, aided by HETAS entering a formal Primary Authority relationship with Trading Standards. We partner with Trading Standards and our registration team have provided numerous and regular Witness Statements to support legal enforcement nationwide.

“Talking to HETAS installers every day, we know the frustration they can feel about installers who undertake very poor work whether registered with us or not. This year, several businesses have been suspended and/or removed from the registration scheme as a direct result of the whistleblowing procedure. Conversely, when we receive complaints about installers that are not justified we have been able to support installers and present a clear case to the customers concerned. Where there are safety concerns we always want to hear about them and will either act or advise as appropriate.”

“Sadly there are times when non-registered businesses misuse the HETAS brand and mislead customers. Through our Primary Authority partnership with Trading Standards, HETAS has developed a robust process for dealing with logo misuse. If you are aware of someone misusing the HETAS brand, please let us know so we can initiate our processes. In more complex cases we work with Trading Standards and we have several recent cases of enforcement by Trading Standards."

The HETAS complaints process is available on www.hetas.co.uk/consumer/complaints-policy. Get in touch with Jo or the HETAS team direct to discuss whistleblowing on 01684 278170 or email info@hetas.co.uk