A Glasgow-based entrepreneur whose business covers plumbing emergencies has won a major national award for the level of service he provides.

Dyno Plumbing franchisee Noel Gallacher, won the award for Customer Service at the 2015 bfa HSBC Franchisee of the Year Awards, supported by Express Newspapers.

Servicing over 500,000 households from Glasgow to Inverness, Mr Gallacher ahs doubled his staff numbers to over 35 since starting his business in August 2012.

“Having set out to deliver the highest quality service possible three years ago, this award is great recognition of the hard work it’s taken to get the business where it is today,” he said. “It’s been challenging but the results have been outstanding and it’s a real pleasure to celebrate that success.”

Andy Brattesani, head of franchising at HSBC, added: “Consistently high evaluation scores from a business that completes over 25,000 plumbing jobs each year tells you everything about the level of service Noel achieves. He completely changed the culture of the business after he took it on, with impressive emphasis on customer satisfaction, training and development.”


Before starting his franchise Mr Gallacher had a successful corporate career, which gave him the skills to manage a growing business and staff. The business will soon turnover in excess of £2m on current projections.

The bfa awards showcase the diversity of excellence in the franchise sector, encouraging businesses of all sizes and sectors to demonstrate their outstanding achievements.