How does the SmartGeo technology in Warmup's smart thermostats work?

SmartGeo is a unique software addition to Warmup's 4iE Smart wifi thermostats.

Designed to control a home's heating automatically, while maintaining the most efficient setting, the SmartGeo underfloor heating thermostat works with underfloor heating systems and, when using the +Kit accessory, central heating systems too.

SmartGeo uses location services and learns your routines. The technology consists of an incredibly smart combination of algorithms, which learns your routines then combines them with the location services built into smartphones to know when you are heading back, heading out or just staying put, even if it is not planned. So your home is automatically warm just as you arrive, and running efficiently when you're away, just like magic:

  • The right temperature

  • The lowest cost

  • Effortlessly.

User friendly and energy efficient

This sophisticated solution is both more user-friendly and energy efficient than occupancy-sensing thermostats, which still need time to catch up and warm the house if you arrive outside of the predicted schedule. In contrast, SmartGeo automatically knows when you are on your way home so, no matter the change of plan, you never come back to a cold house.

Geo-fencing thermostats set the temperature based on how close to home you are. However, if you're going to be out for a long period, like at work, and would normally have turned the heating right down, your home will not be running efficiently unless you are over an hour away.

SmartGeo saves energy by learning when you’re likely to be out and using more efficient temperatures until you’re due to return.

Multi-zone heating system

Compatible with all major heating systems, the technology also works for zoned heating. If employing multiple Warmup 4iE Smart WiFi thermostats, the proprietary SmartGeo technology learns when certain rooms are most likely to be used and optimises temperatures accordingly, rather than simply turning up all areas at once.

Warmup premiered a demonstration of its capabilities for the first time at the ISH Trade Fair in March.