Gas Tag has launched its gas safety app for iOS and Android devices as the company begin its mission to “revolutionise gas safety in the UK”.

The app is free to download for all Gas Safe Registered engineers, and can be used when carrying out work in any property with a Gas Tag subscription.

The system guides engineers through data fields, which automatically populate LGSRs. This saves engineers countless hours on repetitive paperwork and lets them get on with the job they are trained to do. The app also prevents unregistered gas fitters from recording any work through the system, as only Gas Safe registered engineers can log in and record work through the system.

Engineers can also access the previous work history of each Gas Tag property via the app. This helps identify and troubleshoot issues with appliances more quickly. All of the information is uploaded to a centralised portal where landlords, homeowners and housing associations can monitor the data through a dashboard.

The Gas Tag system does away with the current method of locally stored records, and replaces it with a database of geo-tagged, time-stamped and photo-verified evidence of all work carried out.

Designed with the help of Gas Safe Registered engineers, industry leaders and user experience experts, the system has been heralded as "the most significant quantum leap in domestic gas safety compliance in 20 years" by Barry Sheerman MP, Chair of the All Party Parliamentary Group on Carbon Monoxide.

Engineers are encouraged to download the free app ready for the launch of the Gas Tag system to housing associations, private landlords and homeowners in the coming weeks. Engineers will also be able to procure work through the portal in the coming months.

Paul Durose, CEO of Gas Tag, said: “This is an exciting time for Gas Tag. After two years in development, we now have the technology that will revolutionise gas safety and combat one of the biggest issues in our industry - rogue installers. Our mission is to drive illegal fitters out of business before they can put anybody else at risk from carbon monoxide poisoning or worse.

“Together we can help the industry as a whole and create more jobs for the hard-working Gas Safe Registered engineers who are committed to doing their job to the highest standard.”

There will be a number of announcements in the near future about the company’s partnership agreements with housing associations and private landlords who collectively own or manage 1.5 million homes across the UK.

To download the app visit: iTunes or Google Play. For further information visit