The Gas Safety Superheroes campaign has launched a new website, full of features to offer support back to the tradespeople across the heating and plumbing industry that have offered their support since the campaign’s conception.

The Gas Safety Superheroes is a not-for-profit campaign, which is designed to help everyone understand the role they can play in gas safety, energy efficiency and affordability, while improving working standards and aspirations in the plumbing and heating industry.

The organisation operates on three specific fronts. The first of these is campaigning for change within the industry, which consists of four main campaigns; recognition of the Gas Safe Register card, improvement of apprenticeships and apprenticeship standards, reevaluating continual training for engineers of all disciplines within heating and plumbing, and mandatory annual servicing of gas appliances, particularly boilers.

Secondly, Gas Safety Superheroes operates a fund, which is a pot of money created from the fees engineers pay to the organisation for business services. It is then available to any plumbing and heating engineer on either a grant, emergency loan or longer term loan basis.

Gas Safety Superheroes has established that 25% of the money it receives will be used to fuel the campaign and cover the cost of materials and resources, while the remaining 75% will form the basis of the fund available to engineers.

Finally, the organisation is offering a range of services which it hopes will benefit engineers and the wider industry while generating the funds it needs to continuing campaigning and to help installers in need. These services include bookkeeping and accounting, web development and design, as well as marketing and sales. More details can be found on the website.

Paul Hull, co-founder of the Gas Safety Superheroes, said: “We don’t claim to have all the answers, nor do we plan to improve our industry alone, so we hope you can join us and play a role in educating consumers, empowering engineers and improving our great industry.”

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