GTEC has launched a new online tool, ‘MCS Made Easy', designed to help installers comply with MCS 001, which covers the key requirements to become MCS Certified.

The Microgeneration Certificate Scheme (MCS) demonstrates that a company or its employees are competent to install a range of small-scale renewable and low-carbon technologies in both a domestic and commercial environment.

To celebrate the launch, and with the support of funding from BEIS, GTEC is offering the first 200 places* on the webinar free of charge. 

Developed by GTEC and Learning Lounge, MCS Made Easy, which is available exclusively through GTEC and includes a webinar and supporting documentation, provides a package of support, such as tutorials, Q&As and real-life scenarios, covering the key requirements which need to be met in order to become MCS certified.

For companies that have already achieved MCS certification, the platform serves as a useful revision and ‘myth-busting' tool, which will help them get through their annual surveillance.

A first of its kind, e-learning takes the form of a webinar, written and presented by Chris Roberts, who was the Technical Author for MCS001. Roberts talks candidates through the different elements of MCS001 and how you can meet them without having to be burdened with huge sets of documents.

On successful completion of the webinar, which includes multiple choice questions after each section, candidates will have completed CPD that goes towards proving they have a knowledge and understanding of MCS001; invaluable for the certification body's visit.

Griff Thomas, MD for GTEC, said: "MCS Made Easy is a simple to use, informative resource, that should really help installers gain a good understanding of what can seem a daunting task when it really isn't.

"Whilst systems are crucial to maintain standards in renewable technologies, they do not need to be fully documented and complex; our webinar demonstrates this and will hopefully give installers a great basis to get their certification in place.

"It is also really important that we create a transparent route to give consumers the confidence to ‘go green', while providing installation companies with a clear and stress free framework to follow.

"Thanks to this new way of learning, we hope more building services installers will have the confidence to upskill into renewables and gain MCS certification - something that is much needed to meet the growing demand for low carbon technologies."