With its new GROHE Plus basin taps, GROHE now offers users the possibility to accurately control the water temperature of their basin tap using the product's digitally-enhanced design.

The digital upgrade within the existing GROHE Plus collection not only enables safe water enjoyment, but also supports users’ increasing desire for sustainable living. Using the principle of 'nudging', a concept from behavioral economics, users are made aware through a visual colour change displayed on the spout of the tap when hot water is flowing – often unnecessarily – in order to encourage users to avoid wasting energy. This design approach promotes responsible use of the valuable resource of water and saves energy at the same time, the company says.

The eco-friendly functionality of GROHE Plus is reinforced by its accessible Eco Spray setting. To switch from the standard spray to the more refined Eco Spray of just four litres per minute, which reduces water consumption without compromising on user comfort or experience, users can simply swipe their hand over the lit icon on top of the spout to activate the sensor-controlled system which will change the water flow.