As part of its plans to help installers take advantage of the emerging hybrid heat pump market, eco heating technology brand Daikin is offering a free hybrid heat pump training programme.

By combining the benefits of renewable heating technologies alongside the reliability of traditional boiler systems, hybrid heat pump solutions can provide installers with more modern options when working on jobs. For homeowners, the innovative systems are equally as appealing. To this end, as well as helping to reduce domestic energy bills, the solutions can contribute to the creation of a cleaner energy balance within the country.

In fact, some hybrid solutions can use up to 75% renewable energy. In turn, these systems can be used to reduce CO2 emissions by as much as 55% when compared to traditional gas boilers, according to Delta-EE. For homeowners, the systems are also able to deliver a 50% reduction in energy bills. In light of ever-increasing energy costs, this latter point is now arguably more important than ever before.

Some installers still feel unsure about embracing the hybrid heat pump market, despite the promises these solutions hold. Fortunately, Daikin is on hand to help with this transition. As such, the company now offers installers access to free training sessions focused on the technologies. The training programme makes the process of installing, commissioning, and maintaining hybrid heat pump solutions more straightforward.

Offered via 11 of the company’s Sustainable Home Centres, Daikin’s programme has been designed to enable installers to respond to this emerging and important business opportunity. Crafted with all levels of the trade in mind, the training scheme will help individuals to better understand the benefits and installation processes associated with hybrid heat pump solutions.

So, in just one day, installers can expand their portfolio and gain the skills to upgrade customers to an eco-friendly hybrid solution, which combines the power of a heat pump with the familiarity of a high efficiency boiler. In turn, the training programme could soon encourage installers to specify hybrid systems more commonly in the UK.

Additionally, to drive further uptake in this developing field, Daikin is supporting its training initiative with an exciting hybrid heat pump solutions promotion. Moving forward, installers can now offer their customers a high efficiency boiler for free when they choose a Daikin Altherma Hybrid system. The renewable air-to-water heat pump technology allows homeowners to increase energy efficiency within their homes without having to replace the entire boiler system.

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