Pump Sales Direct looks at five common issues faced by households with low water pressure.

Often caused by a shared water supply, antiquated piping or simply living in elevated properties, such as those in naturally high-lying areas or blocks of flats, low water pressure is responsible for these five common household frustrations:  


Perking yourself up in the morning, prepping yourself for a night out or getting refreshed after a hard day’s work is easy with a great shower, it’s one of life’s simple pleasures. But low pressure can leave your water jets, and you, lacklustre.


For most of us a soak in the tub is a long, leisurely, soothing affair but low water pressure means you’re likely to spend more time running a bath than enjoying it.


Low water pressure can mean you get better spray and delivery of water from your watering can than your hose, which makes taking care of the lawn and plants you’ve lovingly cultivated or filling paddling pools and ponds a tedious, physically demanding task.


If your new washing machine takes forever to complete a cycle or even worse, shuts down, low pressure could be to blame.


Using water at home should be easy but water pressure problems can make the simplest of tasks, like washing a few dishes, feel like a major chore.

Low water pressure is inconvenient, impractical and a cause of unnecessary headaches – ones which can’t be soothed by a relaxing bath or a powerful shower – but these five everyday problems can be remedied with one simple solution: a home booster pump.

Easy to install, Pump Sales Direct stock a wide range of models, including the home booster pump from Grundfos, which can dramatically improve water pressure wherever it’s needed around the home. A home booster will power your home‘s water supply, giving you a new lease of life in your daily routine and making you wonder why you never got one sooner.

It’s an efficient solution to all of these household issues and vastly improves the water pressure for a variety of everyday uses.