With World Population Day on 11th July and the rising UK population leading to an increase in 3G living here are five top tips for multi-generational families.


When it comes to the shower, there are several factors to consider for multi-ability households, not least catering for potential visual and aural impairments, plus ensuring total safety throughout the showering experience.

Installers should look for the BEAB Care Mark when recommending a safe shower, as this demonstrates compliance with additional safety requirements that take into account the needs of people in care situations, such as the elderly and people with disabilities.


In multigenerational households, taps that feature long handle controls are ideal as young children and the older generation can use them easily and safely. Crosshead taps are especially well-suited for elderly members as they are a more familiar style, and therefore easier to use for those with memory issues.

Shower Seats

Another addition that can strike the balance between style and inclusive design are shower seats. Whilst historically associated with the needs of older generations, they are increasingly being installed for all ages for a variety of uses.

In light of this, designers have removed the clinical white shower seat, and have begun to develop more trend-conscious options ranging from Scandinavian style pine benches to textured-tile models.


In terms of accessories, there are now clever grab rails available that double up as stylish towel rails or over basin shelves. Because they can be used for different purposes, and are generally available in a range of colours, they will blend into the bathroom and won’t just be seen as a mobility aid.


Even if the customer does not currently have a multi-generational household, the property can still be futureproofed to prepare for when the need arises.

Recommending products that are designed for all users, customers can be assured that their property is suitable for all future occupants without need for adjustments.

What’s more, if a customer decides to sell their property in the future, they can feel confident that its flexibility will make it attractive to potential buyers.