A commercial business estate in the heart of North London has benefitted from an integrated heat free system for its heating and domestic service provision.

East Lane Business Park in Wembley is a 57 acre estate where Capri Mechanical Services was appointed to provide a full M&E service to the new buildings, which included 15 light commercial properties on the ground floor, 25 office spaces on the first floor, and a further 100 storage units that are available for rent.

Capri Mechanical Services chose Pegler as their preferred supplier for a clean piping system and opted for a carbon steel thick wall press system, VSH PowerPress, and a copper press system for the domestic services, VSH XPress, along with compatible valves, all of which combined to provide a heat-free installation.

Due to the nature of the building and its high ceilings, a system that was easily manageable and provided added fail safe features – such as the VSH PowerPress indicators, which literally ‘snap off’ when the joint is correctly pressed – was essential to offer reassurance and confidence during the installation.

Ian Taylor, Project Manager at Capri, said: “We can honestly say the VSH PowerPress system from Pegler has taken us half the time to install the run outs than it would have normally. We fully expect there to be additional time savings made during the flushing and water treatment process as there will be virtually no debris, oil, and paste to remove from the system.

“We also thought the press indicators were really useful, especially with so much of the pipework being installed along very high ceilings – it gave us confidence during the inspections that all joints had been pressed. In addition, we really liked the valves, you can see and feel their quality and as they were press ended their installation ensured the time-saving continued.”