Stopcocks Tradeswomen CIC has launched a national register of tradeswomen.

The new National Register of Tradeswomen’s initial aim is to ensure that vulnerable householders who feel safer with tradeswomen, can find them. The register will allow householders to find a fully verified tradeswoman in their area.

The register is run by people who source tradeswomen from the register local to the householder, to carry out the requested work. This meets householder demand and will ensure all tradeswomen are included.

Stopcocks Tradeswomen CIC also has plans to enable women to train in trades and access funds for training. The register is completely free for tradeswomen to join.

“We believe that women want to know they’re supporting and contributing to empowering other women through helping them into worthwhile and well-paid careers," said Hattie Hasan MBE, founder of the new not-for-profit.

"That’s why we’re confident this register, school and fund with all skilled tradeswomen nationally joining will be a huge success.

"It quickly emerged that no-one knows how many women plumbers and gas engineers, or other skilled tradeswomen there are in UK.

"We realised that as well as making tradeswomen easier to find, we can count them, which will give us the data to know what needs to be done to increase the numbers of tradeswomen available to householders. We want all tradeswomen to join, whatever their employment status.”

"We want all tradeswomen, not only self-employed ones to register so we can get an accurate picture in the UK and work towards making the changes we want to see.

"We’ll be asking all employers to encourage their female trades employees to register.

"We don’t count if we’re not counted!”

Stopcocks Women Plumbers already operate throughout UK and have been contacted by householders looking for other skilled tradeswomen for several years, the Register of Tradeswomen is a direct response to that demand and also to support vulnerable householders who feel safer with women.

The platform, One Passport, which has previously been used within highly regulated industries like health care provision will ensure the register is secure and robust, the organisation says.

The register will be available for householders from New Year 2021

Find out more and join here.