Fire Angel launches Check the Date campaign with the launch of a charity single.

Check the Date encourages homes throughout the UK to check their smoke alarms every year. Smoke alarm sensors will degrade over time, leading to a reduced sensitivity in detecting heat or smoke. As a result, fire alarms need to be replaced every 10 years.

The charity single, ‘Never Be Alone’ has been written and produced by Andy Lawrence Flynn and Dan Hodges, and was recorded at Attic Music. When composing the song, the duo wanted to create a song that reminded people that the smoke alarm is a guardian angel of the home.

Jess Pennington, Campaign Manager for Fire Angel, said: “The Check the Date campaign aims to make people aware of the importance of fire safety in the home, especially in the run up to Christmas when candles and decorative lights become more prevalent in the home.

“Unfortunately, a majority of burns incidents occur in the home but the risk of a fire incident can be dramatically reduced by regularly checking and replacing a fire alarm. In order for a smoke alarm to be certified to European safety standards, they need to have a replace by date on the alarm.

“All funds from the single will go to the Children’s Burns Trust and we hope that the money raised will allow them to continue supporting victims of fire.”

The single costs £0.99 and is available to download now from Spotify and iTunes; all proceeds will go to the charity.