Fieldpiece Instruments has announced the release of a new generation of vacuum pumps that are small, lightweight, portable, and allow fast, timesaving vacuum evacuation to make the HVACR professional’s job easier and more efficient. 

The new Fieldpiece pumps include three different CFM models that can be used in a variety of applications. The VPX7EU and the VP87EU have the option of 120v or 230v, while the VP67EU has dual voltage. Model VPX7EU is a fast and efficient 10 CFM DC Motor and is perfect for large commercial and refrigeration applications.

The Fieldpiece top-of-the-line VPX7EU pump is the lightest of the three new pumps. Its patent-pending interior EPO coating, which is a high-energy surface treatment to high strength aluminum alloy, makes the VPX7EU pump portable enough to climb up a ladder or move to other areas where needed. In addition, the coating is extremely tough as well as chemical and wear-resistant, so the life of the VPX7EU pump is extended.

Model VP87EU is an 8CFM DC for light commercial and residential systems replacing the legacy VP85. For residential service and installation, HVACR professionals will choose the VP67EU, 6CFM AC model dual voltage, replacing the current VP55 (5CFM).

The three new vacuum pumps from Fieldpiece Instruments offer HVACR professionals a more efficient way to pull vacuum in A/C and refrigeration units either prior to adding refrigerant on a new installation, or when performing a system repair.

Bas Kamermans, General Manager - EMEA, at Fieldpiece Instruments, said: “We know that for the HVACR technician, time is money. What truly sets the VPX7EU pump apart from the competition is the 10 CFM rate which will cut the evacuation time considerably. In addition, the VPX7EU has a powerful DC motor yet it is lightweight at only 10 kg.”

Fieldpiece has also refined its proprietary RunQuick™ Oil Management System by enlarging the oil-viewing window to allow better visibility of the condition of the oil, and the system. This new, larger window has additional LED displays that provide details on the status of the pump, such as: gas ballast status, voltage levels/warnings and cold weather start status for the VP87EU and VPX7EU pumps.

When the time comes to change the oil, the process is quick, clean, and easy to do, as the window is now removable and the pumps have a wide mouth fill port. The oil can be replaced in under 20 seconds, even while the pump is running, without losing vacuum. Fieldpiece also included extra bottle storage.

Looking to the future, the three new pumps are A2L-Refrigerant compliant.

For more information about the vacuum pumps please visit the product page.