The share of total electricity generation from renewables in the UK has exceeded the share of generation from gas for the first time.

The latest renewable energy generation statistics from the government, covering July to September 2019, revealed that the share of total electricity generation from renewables – 38.9% – is the highest recorded and marginally exceeds the share of generation from gas. The increase was largely due to increased load factors for wind as well as increased renewable capacity.

Wind remains the principal source of renewable generation with onshore and offshore wind comprising 19% of total generation, with bioenergy the other significant component at 12%.

Commenting on the figures, Joseph Daniels, founder of off-site eco developer Project Etopia, said: “The renewables era is well underway, and this record-setting figure signals that we are geared up to meet net-zero emission targets. 

“Every industry will be part of this effort but housing is one of the sectors threatening to leave others in the shade at the moment. Zero carbon homes are already a reality, operating like mini power plants in their own right by harnessing ground and air source heat pumps, solar and battery technology to create more energy than they need.”