Vogue (UK) has released its Electric Underfloor Heating Kit: a quick-fix solution for heating bathroom renovation projects.

Steve Birch, Sales Director at Vogue (UK), said: “There has been a growing level of interest in electric underfloor heating over the past few years. The flexibility it offers, the performance it provides and the fact that it is now so easy to install, are all contributing factors for its growing popularity.

"Suitable for any room, of any size, underfloor heating can be fitted as your primary source of heating, or installed in addition to a practical heated towel rail or statement radiator for luxurious comfort-heating. By combining a towel warmer with electric underfloor heating, you will achieve the ideal blend of luxury and warmth in your bathroom, which is why we supply both.”

Designed with comfort and efficiency in mind, the Electric Underfloor Heating Kit by Vogue (UK) works by gently warming a network of electric heating cables, it radiates heat into the room and this radiant heat then warms up furniture and people in the space, rather than using convection to cause warm air currents.

The EUFH Kit by Vogue (UK) is an electrical system designed with cables fixed to a mat, which you can then install directly onto the tile adhesive. This makes it relatively quick and easy to install, and ideal for refurbishment. It also means that the cables are perfectly spaced to give an even and consistent heat distribution, and reduces installation costs when compared with a hydronic system. Another major cost advantage is that EUFH is maintenance free, no boiler services, no landlords certificates (where appropriate) and no costly call-outs for leaking pipe work.

Extremely efficient if left to go on quietly heating the room and its contents, the company says, the EUFH Kit by Vogue (UK) comes with a programmable controller so you can stop the floor temperature dropping too low, as and when required. Another major benefit of it not using convection is making it much better for allergy sufferers, as there are no pollutants circulating around the room on the currents of warm air.

Available in a range of sizes from 1m² to 12m², every Electric Underfloor Heating Kit by Vogue (UK) contains a floor sensor and floor sensor mounting pipe so that your electrician can connect it to the mains, alongside an in-depth installation manual and a control card.

“Ideal for renovations, extensions, and selfbuild projects, Electric Underfloor Heating can be very easy to install and our kit is a great alternative when central heating is not available. Discreetly versatile, you can fit one of our EUFH kits with minimum fuss and disruption to your home,” added Steve.

Vogue (UK) Electric Underfloor Heating is priced from £159.60 per 1.0m² including vat and is available in kits up to 12.0m² → Rated Power Wattage per mat 1800.