Armitage Shanks has launched Sensorflow E, its new range of touchless brassware, designed for replacement and refurbishment jobs at commercial facilities in particular. 

The products of the range have been designed to meet a growing demand from hygene-conscious customers for hands-free washroom technology, and can be easily installed to replace existing fittings.

Sensorflow E has a clean, modern design, and is the ideal choice when it comes to renovation with customers looking to quickly boost washroom cleanliness across their commercial premises.

The range includes rim-mounted, wall-mounted, and panel-mounted basin taps. Installers can give their customers a choice between mains-powered and long-lasting battery-powered versions, as well as models that allow for the water temperature to be adjusted manually. The battery-powered models have been tested to last more than 300,000 switching cycles, which means they can last reliably for up to five years, before the battery pack requires replacement. The lithium battery pack can also be replaced easily without removing the entire tap.

In addition to being touchless, the Sensorflow E taps incorporate narrow waterways to reduce the build-up of bacteria. The tap’s sensor is also positioned close to the spout for improve hand detection. This means it turns on and off more quickly, and therefore reduces water wastage.

Users will also benefit from innovative water-saving technology, such as the 3.8 litres per minute flow straightener and automatic water shut-off, guaranteeing long-term savings compared to traditional fittings. Once installed, Sensorflow E can be easily maintained with access via the top of the tap. Cleaning is also quick and easy thanks to a streamlined, cylindrical design that prevents water stagnation.

Leanne Martin, Marketing Director at Armitage Shanks, said: “Hand hygiene has always been a high priority when it comes to public washrooms, but it’s now the single most important factor in ensuring people and companies across the world can continue to operate safely. As we return to more normal ways of working and living, we need to ensure these environments are hygienic and fit for purpose in the long term.”

The Sensorflow E range is the first of a number of new touchless fittings being introduced to the market by Armitage Shanks.