Earnings for plumbers increased by 4.8% last month as the construction industry hit its stride again after the seasonal slow start to the year, according to Hudson Contract.

Hudson Contract, the sector’s largest engager of self-employed labour, said average weekly pay for plumbing contractors rose to £983 during February.

Hudson supplies professional services to more than 2,500 construction SMEs and has a turnover of £1.6 billion. Ian Anfield, Managing Director, said: “We are seeing growing demand for plumbing contractors across England and Wales. Many of our clients are in the housebuilding sector and report full order books.

“Interest rates are at a near-record low, latest Bank of England data show the mortgage market is strong and the government is committed to new infrastructure spending. The pandemic has been tough for everybody but the sector has fought its way through, highlighting its importance to the wider UK economy.”