The latest CPD has been meticulously designed to help building services engineers maximise the benefits of Combined Heat and Power (CHP) when incorporated within a commercial heating system.

The module considers all major aspects of commercial CHP installations, including: how to size a CHP unit, and the different design approaches for optimum running times and efficiencies; fundamentals of a thermally-led CHP installation, including correctly sizing a buffer vessel/thermal store; followed by details on combining a CHP with gas condensing boilers.

The new CPD is delivered alongside a worked example in a hotel application, allowing attendees to apply the key learning objectives in a typical commercial environment.

Finally, the module covers the benefits of using CHP in commercial installations, as well as the considerations for achieving ‘good quality’ CHP status.

Ian Bradley, Managing Director for ELCO Heating Solutions, said: “Designers of commercial heating systems are increasingly looking to CHP as a form of providing energy efficient heating and hot water, but we believe there are still some fundamental variances in system design approaches. So, following extensive research of CHP theory, combined with test data from on-site installations, we have developed this CPD to identify the vital aspects of system design.”

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