E.C.A. has introduced the new combi boiler, Confeo Premix, featuring a full touch screen control and front glass panel. 

As a high-end product offering elegance and ease of use, Confeo Premix stands out for its quiet and eco-friendly operation and audible warning system which is activated in the event of any interruption to prevent possible accidents, the company says.

Designed in conformity with the ErP Directive and in energy efficiency class A, Confeo Premix offers high energy efficiency and requires minimal space. Confeo Premix combi boiler, which features a smart thermostat which can be controlled online via iOS and Android apps, offers premium features such as child lock function, Turkish - English language options, and detailed menu contents.

Confeo Premix can be run on two types of fuel: natural gas or LPG. E.C.A.'s Confeo Premix combi boilercomes in three different capacities as 24kW, 30kW, and 35kW, a special burner system that provides homogeneous burning, quiet operation at 47 dB, and an annual maintenance alert feature. To provide safety against potential accidents, Confeo Premix features an automatic bypass system that protects the equipment and audible warning systems that are triggered in the event of a technical problem.

As an added feature, the Confeo Premix boiler offers a 'boost' mode that provides superior comfort with an extra 15% above the capacity of equipment to ensure a more comfortable hot water supply.


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