Drayton has announced a series of updates to the Wiser Heat app for an updated user experience.

The new Wiser Heat app features a series of upgrades and design changes to improve user experience and increase functionality. These key changes include a new home screen, where homeowners can access quick actions, the ability for multiple rooms or Wiser Plugs to follow the same schedule, and the function to copy schedules between rooms. 

The updated home screen has a new design but with a familiar layout. The weather and outside temperature are displayed along with the sunrise and sunset times at the user’s location. Users can view their whole system from the home screen and view rooms individually from the navigation bar, but homeowners can now also boost the heating or hot water and switch Wiser Plugs on and off directly from the home screen. To help with this, Wiser Plugs can now also be assigned to rooms to sit alongside the heating information on the home screen.

Re-ordering rooms on the home screen has also been simplified, with users now able to activate room order mode, where they can drag rooms into the desired position on the editing screen.

From the home screen, users can access the new Automation page, which combines the quick actions of ‘away mode’, ‘boost all’ and ‘cancel all overrides’ along with access to schedules. There are also two highly requested changes to the scheduling feature. Firstly, it is now possible to create schedules that multiple heating rooms or Wiser Plugs can follow together. Secondly, users can copy schedules from one room or Wiser Plug to another. These changes help simplify the experience of managing multiple rooms and plugs.

The Insights feature that helps homeowners understand how their heating is performing and helping to save energy is still included but is now accessed from the home screen next to the automation page, giving it a more prominent position in the app.

Despite these new updates, the commissioning process remains very familiar and incredibly straightforward for installers to follow. With small changes to some wording and design elements, installers will still be able to follow the in-app instructions to guide them through the process and get their customer set up.  

To ensure familiarity, the new app is still called Wiser Heat, but installers will see a refreshed icon both on their device and in the app store. This new icon reflects the integration with Schneider Electric and the intent to enhance the future smart home offering.

Natalie Wathan, Product Manager at Drayton, said: “Providing both homeowners and installers with an enjoyable experience when using Wiser is incredibly important to us here at Drayton, which Is why we’re excited to reveal the new and improved Wiser Heat app. The series of updates have all been introduced following consumer feedback and from speaking to heating engineers about what their customers are looking for. This includes the ability to group rooms together to create a zone that can follow a schedule.

“By making themselves familiar with these new changes to the app, heating engineers and electricians will be in the perfect position to recommend Wiser to new customers looking to upgrade their system and inform existing customers who already have Wiser installed.”