With many underfloor heating (UFH) installations requiring a long screed drying time, often up to 60 long, slow, drawn out days, the plea for speed is one Nu-Heat has heard and responded to with gusto!

Traditionally, most ground floor UFH systems have been installed within the fabric of the floor itself, where the UFH tube is held within the screed using specialist fixings. However, screeds require a long drying time, which can delay other trades working on the build – drying frequently takes up to 60 days; 1mm of screed depth per day of drying time – and sometimes this just isn’t feasible to keep the deadlines on track.

Time means money, and any solution to shorten the process means the project can stay on track and be finished and signed-off more speedily.

Nu-Heat’s newly launched FastDeck is a revolutionary structural solution offering a completely dry, combined UFH and floor deck product. This easy-to-install, whole-house UFH system can slash the agonising screed drying time with a finished installation that can be walked on straight away, boosting access for other trades and meaning floor coverings can be fitted immediately.

Other benefits that come with FastDeck are a superbly trim height build-up of only 34mm (as opposed to average screed depths of 55-60mm), and a super speedy response time (easily twice as fast as equivalent screed UFH systems) thanks to its highly-conductive, aluminium laminated gypsum board deck.

This composition also quickly and evenly transfers heat across the whole floor, eradicating cold-spots. FastDeck can be installed not only over a solid deck or screed, but also directly over timber floors too, either at first or second fix stages.

Why FastDeck? Why not!

FastDeck is an innovative, all-in-one, whole-house UFH and floor deck solution which includes everything you need to complete the job. No to-ing and fro-ing getting additional parts or components, you can rest assured everything will be included. A completely dry alternative to screed UFH, FastDeck cuts out the mess and slashes up to 60 days of tormenting drying time off the installation.

Low-profile product makes FastDeck ideal for properties with limited ceiling height. High-speed heating, thanks to the unique, conductive floor deck, also makes FastDeck much faster than an equivalent screed UFH system.

Super speedy and easy to install, FastDeck allows you to stand back and admire your handiwork in a flash. Patented, interlocking castellated panels are laid; CAD layout drawings bespoke to your specific project are supplied to aid the fit of the FastFlo UFH tubes, which are secured via a unique, patented anchor clip. Connect the pipework to the manifold, pressure-test the system, then fit the deck over the top of the tube – and you’re done!

Choose your supplier carefully. A good supplier will be able to advise the best UFH system for your project, working out all the technical details for you. They will also offer free support for you and your client – before, during, and after the UFH installation. Look out for independent customer service accolades, and check out customer reviews for an unbiased insight into what it’s like to work with the company.

Nu-Heat uses advanced, in-house calculation software to perfectly design every UFH system to the property it is installed in. Room-by-room heat loss calculations are the basis for bespoke CAD design layouts and a UFH system that keeps every room at just the right temperature even when it is -3°C outside.

Whether you opt for FastDeck, or one of Nu-Heat’s other market-leading UFH systems, there are many options available to you – the installer – and to your client, whether homeowner, architect, or specifier. Working with a company such as Nu-Heat, the largest supplier of warm water underfloor heating systems to the UK domestic market, ensures you end up with the perfect solution for your individual needs.

Nu-Heat also designs and supplies fully integrated ground source and air source heat pump systems as well as solar thermal, and has delivered over 70,000 fully designed underfloor systems to self-builders, installers, and developers nationwide. As the only heating company awarded a Distinction from the Institute of Customer Service, you can trust Nu-Heat to provide you with all the support you need.

Get in touch with us to find out how to fast-track your next UFH installation – call 01404 540705 or email info@nu-heat.co.uk and get a quote for FastDeck today!