Walraven's starQuick is a versatile plastic clip designed to solve your woes with brittle and unreliable plastic clips, with a quick installation and superior durability.

For years the plastic pipe clipping market has been dominated by basic polypropylene clips. While these are certainly effective clips for many installations, they also have their drawbacks.

These types of clips are difficult to re-open without breaking and the plastic degrades over time and becomes brittle. They are also not suitable for high temperatures or UV-exposed installations.

Walraven’s starQuick is a plastic clip with a difference! This versatile clip has some unique features, which means it can be used to quickly and securely install multiple pipe runs for heating and plumbing installations.

The clever two stage self-closing feature means the clip closes when the pipe is simply pushed into it. Push down for one click and the clip will hold the pipe, while allowing room to adjust it if required. Push down for the second click and the clip will lock firmly around the pipe. The clip easily re-opens if required by simply applying pressure back onto the pipe and unclipping with your finger.









When a basic pipe clip just isn’t enough

The starQuick clip is made from Polyamide (PA6) which is durable, strong, and impact-resistant. It is also UV-resistant, so it will not degrade in sunlight like polypropylene clips, making it perfect for exposed installations.

It is suitable for specialist environments like swimming pools and chemical factories, and is temperature resistant from -40°C to +90°C (constant) or +130°C (intermittent). There is a range of accessories available with the clips which give it versatile fixing options.

The design of the clip is also aesthetically pleasing so if like many installers you like your installations to look good, this might be the clip for you!

As seen on Instagram

Peter Booth (@pbplumber) posted a video about the starQuick a few months ago. He told us: “I was really impressed with the number of features on the clip, I’ll be stocking up my van with these!”

Check out his video here.


How does the starQuick clip work on the job?

Heating Engineer ‘Pipe Wizard’, AKA James Kirwin, gave us some feedback on his experience using the starQuick for a recent boiler installation.

He said: “Walraven was introduced to me via Instagram, and they very promptly sent me out some product samples. I was impressed with the starQuick clips and accessories instantly. There are multiple fixing options including double fixing plates, rail mounting, rod mounting, and spacers. The clips are available in grey, white, or copper colour and are really quick to use.

“The push in and unclip features are great and save a lot of time, and they can be neatly joined together for close running multiple pipe runs. They also space the pipe further away from the wall than other clips making it easier for installation and service.

“On my installation, I also used their RSWB (Rapid Sliding Wall Bracket) which is an adjustable bracket perfect for fixing pipes in stud walls or suspended floors. It made the job so much easier than using wood batons and it works great in conjunction with the starQuick clips!

“I really like my pipework to be shiny on my installs and the metallic copper colour starQuick clips look fantastic next to shiny copper!”

Request a free sample!

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If you like the look of the RSWB fixing bracket, you can find out more about that here.

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