Advantay has added to its popular range of buffer tanks, with the latest A class rated low loss headers and buffer tanks designed with heat pump installations in mind.

The new all stainless steel range of low loss headers in sizes 13l and 20 for wall-mounting, provide an A class energy rating and come as standard with a 10-year warranty.

The construction of the stainless steel low loss headers offers the best in both performance and longevity, according to the company.

Moving up the size range, Advantay have also added 35l and 50l carbon steel buffer tanks for wall mounting installations along with a 50l floor-standing version.

From 35l upwards, Advantay also provides an immersion heater connection should the installation of a back-up heat source be required.

All sizes feature A class energy rating as standard.

Finishing off the additions to the range, is a wall mounting 100l buffer tank with additional connections for ease of installation, immersion heater port, and class B energy rating.

Advantay also offers an installation kit for each model featuring the required pipe connections and drain valve, automatic air release valve and blanking caps.