HVP and Bosch Professional are giving away a new ProCORE18V 4.0Ah battery, GAA 18V-24 Professional charger, and exclusive soft carry case.

The ProCORE18V 4.0Ah is part of the Bosch Professional ProCORE18V series, which promises to make professionals more efficient through greater power, lifetime, and runtime, and offers 4.0, 8.0 and 12.0Ah versions tailored to individual needs.

As additions to the Bosch Flexible Power System, the new range brings performance benefits to both existing and new equipment. Within the same voltage class, all Bosch Professional tools, chargers, and batteries sold since 2008 are fully compatible.

For repetitive tasks and overhead work, the ‘Compact’ ProCORE18V 4.0Ah option minimises fatigue and improves comfort. Its single-layer cell arrangement allows significant savings in weight and volume compared to a standard two-layer battery, but with no reduction in power.

The key to extending runtime and lifetime is intelligent heat management and design, as developed for Bosch CoolPack 2.0. This provides ideal conditions for efficient battery performance and prevents damage from overheating. Compared to batteries without CoolPack, ProCORE18V packs last 135% longer, the company says.

The GAA 18V-24 Professional charger means you can charge your smartphone or tablet with Bosch Professional batteries. It includes two high speed USB charging points with superfast charging up to 2.4A. 

Also included in the giveaway is a deluxe and limited edition soft carry case from Bosch Professional. Not available to purchase, the chance to bag one of these soft carry cases is an unmissable and exclusive opportunity. 

Head to bit.ly/HVPComp-Bosch to enter the competition and view the terms and conditions.