Anti-scald bathroom product manufacturer, Inta, is giving clumsy and rushed installers a helping hand to mask the mess with the launch of its new expert cover up, the Bodger’s Plate.

Dubbed the ‘wonder concealer’ of the plumbing world, the Bodger’s Plate will hide any evidence of less-than-perfect fits, enabling plumbers to service their customers in record time.

The firm designed the plate in association with its Italian partners Scarper Quickly as a response to oft-heard complaints of messy finishes and damaged bathroom tiles when fitting showers. The plate, which comes in a range of colours to suit various designs and schemes, has an 800mm diameter - meaning all mistakes, no matter how large or small, will be concealed.

Stuart Gizzi, director at Inta, said: “Plumbers and installers are quite frankly struggling to keep up with their workloads and the ability to do a job in next to no time in order to cram in a couple more customers is becoming increasingly imperative.

“Our Bodger’s Plate means they will now be able to quickly fit a shower and won’t have to worry about having their ear chewed off by customers who are precious about bathroom finishes. Simply snap the plate into place and they’ll be none the wiser.”

Speaking of the motivation behind the new product launch, Gizzi added: “Ultimately, we’re on the plumber and installers’ side and want them to be able to operate in an efficient manner without being on the tail end of gripes and groans. This bargain piece of kit will be a saving grace for those who are ‘all thumbs’ or just like to do the job and get gone.”

Inta’s Bodger’s Plate will be available online at on April Fool's 2015.