At a time of constant pressure on businesses, 52% of commercial drivers now believe that operating an electric van would be more cost effective compared to petrol or diesel equivalents. More than two-thirds of the UK’s van drivers also say that EVs would suit their business needs and day-to-day work.

These are the results of a survey of 1,000 UK van drivers conducted in December 2023 by a OnePoll for Volkswagen Commercial Vehicles.

Almost one-third (29%) of respondents cited the ULEZ expansion as the reason they intend to switch. Under ULEZ (Ultra Low Emission Zone) polluting vehicles are charged to be granted access to London.

The survey further demonstrated that there is growing acknowledgement of the benefits of making the switch to electric, while some barriers to adoption persist.

Almost three quarters of van drivers said that reliability was no longer a reason not to buy an electric vehicle. Charging time remains the number one concern around purchasing an electric van (57%).

These numbers underscore the growing awareness and commitment among van drivers to embrace sustainable mobility solutions.

Craig Cavanagh, National Fleet Manager at Volkswagen Commercial Vehicles, commented: “There’s no doubt that UK businesses are seriously considering when and how to make the switch to EVs.

“Van drivers are recognising the benefits, not only from a sustainability point of view, but also from the perspective of being more cost effective than petrol and diesel models.

“This is particularly true for those located in or around London, following the growth of the ULEZ zone and the Mayor of London’s scrappage scheme fund.”