Bristan has announced that the launch of its new tap range is to be supported by augmented reality technology. Bristan will be promoting its complete infrared tap range, including a selection of new infrared products, utilising a dynamic augmented reality display. To begin with, Bristan’s national specification team will be out in force showcasing each product in 3D in-situ representations, via an iPad.

The new range additions include three automatic basin spout options - temperature control, 90 degree angled and swan neck timed flow, specifically designed to suit front-of-house applications such as hotels and offices. This combination of fashion and function makes the new infrared suitable for leisure applications, where a high level of hygiene needs to be met without compromising on interior aesthetics.

The addition of augmented reality means that the Bristan specification team will be able to offer specifiers and architects a computer generated view of its products, providing a real time representation of what each infrared item looks like once specified.

Chris Tranter, product manager at Bristan, said: “Recently, we have seen a rise in demand for non-touch products in the leisure sector, and in response, we have designed infrared products which can blend seamlessly into high-end environments.

“These new products will offer all of the practical benefits of infrared technology in a form which can answer the needs of specifiers for the leisure market. Furthermore, we’re delighted to launch our augmented reality programme, and believe that it demonstrates Bristan’s commitment to staying at the forefront of the industry.”