The Department for Business, Energy & Industrial Strategy has confirmed that there is "no provision" for anyone to opt-out of Boiler Plus standards. 

In document posted on the website titled Clarification on the Boiler Plus regulations for installers and consumers, BEIS has confirmed that every installer must comply with Boiler Plus as set out in the Building Regulations.

Boiler Plus, which came into force in April, requires all those fitting new combination boilers to include one of the following in their system - flue gas heat recovery systems, weather compensation, load compensation, or smart controls featuring automation and optimisation functions.

The clarification confirms that the responsibility for compliance lands solely on the installer, and that there is no defence for those installers who have agreed with their customer to fit a non-compliant installation.

It states the following: "Responsibility for compliance sits with the person carrying out the work, and non-compliant installations can lead to action being taken against the installer. An installer is not excused from their obligations by making their customer aware that the work is non-compliant."

BEIS has also confirmed that if a consumer believes they have been provided with a non-compliant installation, they have the right to ask the original installer to fix the issue.

To read the clarification document in full, visit here.