Zip Heaters UK has extended its range of HydroTap G4 boiling and chilled water products, to include a new black edition.

The HydroTap G4 model is now available in a matt and gloss black finish, for those customers seeking an alternative to chrome for a kitchen or office.

The G4 HydroTap model has been designed to be easy to install. Reduced dimensions mean this compact model can easily be sited in a 600mm cupboard, which increases the installation possibilities, especially where space may be limited. A new in-built cross-ventilation system eliminates the chance of cupboard heat-up and cuts out the need for installers to factor in an external fan.

Zip's 0.2 micron filter means customers will receive great tasting water, free from any odours or impurities. Advanced insulation and improved electronic technology in the product has reduced standby energy consumption by up to 55%, compared to even its highly-efficient predecessors of a similar capacity. The new unit also self-calibrates boiling point on installation and regularly recalibrates to optimise performance – all beneficial features in a commercial environment.