Yvonne Orgill, chief executive of The Bathroom Manufacturers Association, discusses the importance of using a qualified installer and quality products

Apart from price, which is always top of the list, there should be two main priorities for anyone investing in a new bathroom.

The first is that the product should be of excellent quality and should conform with all the relevant standards and regulations.

The second is that it should be installed correctly, safely and efficiently, by qualified and competent installers.

But there can be a problem. How does a customer know for certain that they are choosing the best products and installation services?

Conforming products
Whether it’s a bathroom, a bedroom or a bar of chocolate, I always advise people to buy from a long-established retailer with a great track record, selling well-known branded products manufactured by companies belonging to a trade association.

A would-be bathroom buyer can ensure peace of mind (and an assurance of getting things put right if they do go wrong) if the chosen bathroom comes from a well-known branded manufacturer supported by a trade body.

Bathroom products are required by law to meet certain British Standards. These standards are in place to ensure that they perform as described, conform with the regulations and are not a danger to health. 

Competent installation

It is becoming more important than ever that customers choose a qualified and competent installer who adheres closely to the regulations. Unfortunately, as in all walks of life, there is a minority of unscrupulous people who will hoodwink their clients and charge exorbitant fees for shoddy and unlawful bathroom installations. Fortunately, recent court cases have put some behind bars for this very reason.

One of the best ways to select a genuine and competent installer is to use authoritative directories. One of the most familiar is the Chartered Institute of Plumbing & Heating Engineering, whose members are required to abide by strict rules. 

The WaterSafe scheme is also a suitable way of selecting an installer. This national scheme is aimed at consumers looking to employ the services of contractors who are competent to work in compliance with the Water Regulations. 

Competent contractors will work to set standards and will carefully advise clients and ensure that the installation is the safest possible. For instance, they will recommend using the latest thermostatic mixing valves, the small and inexpensive devices that limit excessive hot water temperature. These prevent life-changing scalding accidents, particularly in the young and elderly.

Conformance of product and competence of installation should always be priorities for anyone thinking about a new bathroom. It makes sense. It avoids possible future problems and in the end saves both money, and sometimes lives.

Image courtesy of Shutterstock/Dmitry Kalinovsky