BEAMA is launching an initiative to support installers working in hard water areas with a series of guides for both installers and homeowners, which will enable tradespeople to make water softeners a more attractive option to customers.

The move comes after figures from BEAMA-approved manufacturer, Monarch Water, revealed hard water costs the UK over £1 billion each year. It is now calling on installers to use the guides as part of its mission to save homeowners money, as well as helping installers use water softeners as a key tool in their day-to-day efforts to make a difference to their customers.

The series consists of four downloadable guides, including:

  • A water softener myth buster for installers
  • A guide for homeowners on how to tell if they live in a hard water area
  • A one-stop digest on water softeners for customers
  • A top tips piece for installers on how to help customers spot if their home is suffering from hard water.

Kevin Ray, from BEAMA, said: “More than 60% of homes in the UK are supplied with hard water and suffer the effects of limescale on a daily basis. Having a water softener installed can save homeowners huge amounts of time and money, as well as make their experiences at home more comfortable.

"Our guides will help installers who want to use water softeners to make this difference to their customers, by informing homeowners not just of how to spot the effects of hard water, but also clue them up on just how easy it is to have one unit installed."

You can access the new guides here.