BEAMA has welcomed a report from Respublica containing clear proposals that could trigger a widespread uptake of energy efficiency home improvements.

‘After the Green Deal: Empowering people and places to improve their homes’ suggests significant policy initiatives be put on the government’s agenda, and claims that measures could be introduced with a 0% net cost to the Treasury.

There is wide acknowledgement across the HVAC industry that a new push on energy efficiency is needed in the wake of the Green Deal disappointment. Energy efficiency improvements remain vital in reducing carbon emissions and saving money for customers.

The report agrees with BEAMA’s understanding that the benefits of energy efficiency measures go well beyond reducing emissions and energy bills. Comfort, health and well-being are more important to householders on a day-to-day basis, and many energy efficient products also benefit consumers in wider ways:

  • Ventilation such as MVHR is crucial for health (as explained by My Health My Home)
  • Heating controls maintain a comfortable home temperature with minimal hassle (as explained by Control Your Home)
  • Underfloor heating gives extra space and flexibility (as explained by Ask for Underfloor) and promotes condensing performance of modern high efficiency boilers
  • Water treatment for your central heating prevents untimely boiler breakdown

BEAMA also agrees with Respublica that localised programmes can bring more effective home improvements. BEAMA has advocated Renewable Heat Zones, and welcomes further proposals for local solutions that go beyond pure renewable solutions.