With living spaces continuing to shrink, Simon Morris, Marketing Manager at The Radiator Company, explains what solutions are on the market and how best to offer these to customers.

When it comes to the design process, heating is often a last thought. With kitchens and bathrooms already beautifully designed and fixed in the homeowner’s eye, combined with the fact that Britain’s homes are getting smaller, installers often face a challenge to provide a radiator that fits the requirements of the homeowner. 

However, recent innovations in the designer radiator market ensure that there are a range of solutions available even in the most challenging situations. 

Thermal requirements

Before any work is undertaken, installers will need to calculate the level of heat output required for the bathroom or kitchen space – this will take into account windows and doors, and the type of glazing used. 

Leading manufacturers will be able to provide BTU calculators free-of-charge, to help assess the required heat output for the room. It is then important to establish the room layout and where the placement of utilities will be. This will identify the wall space available. Armed with this information, installers can choose from a range of radiators and towel rails to suit any application. 


For heating the bathroom, towel rails are a popular solution, however, there are contemporary designs available on the market which can make the most of space available, and also create a bold statement. 

Side loading towel rails remove one of the enclosing side rails, which makes hanging towels or other items to dry easier than ever, while providing a twist on the traditional towel rail that many homeowners will be accustomed to.  

Contemporary bathrooms can also benefit from slimline, horizontal orientated rails, which can be installed above bathtubs to free up floor space. If space is further limited, offering the option of a dual-function radiator can provide a greater solution. For example, leading manufacturers can offer a towel rail which also features a full length mirror behind, or radiators that double as a shelving unit for optimum storage space without compromising on heat. 

There are also classic options that suit Georgian or Edwardian interior design as well. A brass tubed floorstanding towel rail uses a small footprint while still providing adequate hanging room and can create a stunning antique finish. Alternatively, there are also options available on the market that feature both tubes and radiator sections, which can be floorstanding or wall-hung to suit many layouts. 


Kitchen space can be limited, particularly with plumbed appliances causing logistical design and space issues, so it’s crucial to make the most of the space while delivering the desired heat output. 

In order to do this, turning to a manufacturer for help early on could help to find a solution for any layout. Curved walls, columns, and window bays should be no problem by using multicolumn radiators, which can be curved in a range of sizes and column options, as well as manufactured to exact measurements for a perfect fit. 

For narrow wall space, a vertical option is ideal to make the use of the height available, fit exact dimensions, and maximise heat output. The option to add towel bars or pegs to a vertical radiator also adds functionality for the homeowner. 

As with bathroom towel rails, dual function radiators can offer more options to the homeowner. For example, leading designers will be able to offer high quality radiators that also function as a bench to create a seating area in the kitchen, such as under the window, to create a sociable design option.  

Engage early

Thanks to Pinterest and Instagram, homeowners have more inspiration than ever to style their interiors. Thankfully, manufacturers can offer not only a huge selection of styles, but also an extensive choice of colours and unique finishes available to suit every application. The Radiator Company, for example, offers many of its contemporary and traditional style radiators in up to 188 RAL colours, and a range of special finishes such as mottled copper, bronze, or textured black. 

Most radiators can be ordered from stock and delivered within three to five working days but, for a more bespoke finish, any made-to-order solutions can take longer to manufacture and deliver, so it is therefore important to bring these timescales to your homeowners attention when making their choice.

Working with restricted space can feel like hurdle when selecting a radiator that will provide adequate heat output while suiting the homeowners design and budget. By working with leading manufacturers, installers can make their customers aware of space saving solutions and create a warm, stylish home, whatever the size.